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Luisa Rodriguez

My constructions examine social realities and factual recollections by highlighting 'underlooked' elements discovered throughout the built environment. The contrast between surfaces such as polished-raw, refined–unrefined, new-old, inside-outside all investigate architecture exposing its honesty and susceptibility whilst drawing links to human conditions.

​​Through the repurposing and manipulation of discarded materials, I create two-sided objects which bring together contrasting realities into single moments of perception. Meticulous and calculated processes pair with intuitive and spontaneous gestures into creating hybrid, concrete reflections of the surrounding world pretending to discover resources not appreciated before. These are the result of the attentive exploration of specific urban locations which are consequently reduced into minimal forms for which the material qualities are fundamental.

​​Continuously informed by current debates in architecture and design, the work comprises 2D representations, 3D structures or combinations of both pretending to break the boundaries between the disciples of art and architecture. Influenced by my upbringings in Honduras, a developing country, it ultimately draws attention to themes of inequality, forgetfulness, replacement, and value.

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