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Who will provide?

MFA Fine Arts Wimbledon Interim Show

For the annual MFA show by Wimbledon students at the Crypt Gallery, my main task was as part of the research team. With the main requirement being to create work that was site responsive, a group of three decided to visit the Camden Local Studies and Archive Centre, the RIBA library, and the V&A archives.


My part of the research was based at the Camden archives were we discovered interesting documents on conversion plans for meant for the crypt underneath St Pancras Church in order to . The documents, dated from 1995, included a Wish list by the church's community, a plan with an architectural proposal, archeological consultations, and information on supporting organizations. Since none of the plans came to be realized, we took from this to determine the theme and title of the exhibition.

As a group we came together to discuss ideas in order to make the theme as open as possible for all 35 participating students to work with. We put together a research pack together with a brief for all to create cohesive work, in a similar way briefs would be provided at any juried exhibitions or contests. 

As part of  this team I was also involved in assisting the design team with producing media content adequate to the research and brief. Other activities involved helping with the transportation of works to and from the venue, and invigilation were I found myself giving tours of the exhibition and talking with visitors further about the art and concept of the show.

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