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Utopia Through Nostalgia

Koppel Project Hive, High Holborn

The Koppel Project, a platform for emerging artists in Central London, is always looking to showcase creators in the early stages of their career and accepting proposals to fill their program throughout the year. 


Together with Molly Brockelhurst and Ann Tang, we prepared a proposal for an exhibition based on the diminishing effects of time. We thought our work could be shown together under this concept and give way to other artist whose work related either aesthetically or conceptually. We brought together a group of artists all from Goldsmiths and Wimbledon. 

This was an exceptional opportunity to share a space with people whose work I found relatable and hoped to find space for further conversations. Even though it resulted in a single occasion, the experience and interactions were fruitful. 

This was an important occasion to show in a space with an established audience, a curation team, and a budget. The exhibition was well attended and got reviewed. 

Press Release

Review on Artlyst

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