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Discarded Resources


It is possible to draw links between ignore sectors of society or cultural groups and discarded materials, both which fit within the definition of resources.

An essay by Frederick Steiner titled 'Toward an Ecological Aesthetic' refers to Robert Smithson's concept of entropy and how making this visible and framing it, is a step forward into embracing it and heading to the reversal process, negentropy. He explains these aesthetics involve sensual connections to natural and cultural process in what he calls socio-ecological practices, those which are aware of the wounds of the world. 



Similarly, Jorge Bergoglio in 'Laudato Si' calls attention to the moral dimensions of the problematic stating that both the poor and the Earth are crying out. Critiquing the culture of consumerism and greed were unwanted items and people are discarded, he sets a number of guidelines on how to improve this by 'caring for our common home'. Special mention is made of certain underdeveloped cultures which, because of their stronger connections to nature, are examples of better conducts. 

Sustainability is a practice that strictly encompasses social, economic and environmental factors. Therefore the proposal is that both ignored resources, material and human are all resources for an upcycling renewal, socially, environmentally, and economically.




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