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Reinhard Mucha: Complex Assemblies

Mucha’s work, spanning from sculpture to photography and video or a combination of all, has strong references to architecture conceptually and to construction in the execution. His recent show at Sprueth Magers in London is an evidence of this.

A combination of found objects with what are clearly new materials come together in big wall installations joined by freestanding sculptural pieces and often resulting in human scale works. These stend as comments on architecture and the space the work is in. 'Wind and Two Tall Towers' for Marcel Breuer, remade for the gallery space with furniture and objects wrapped around one of the columns links the entire art to the space.

The complexity of the assemblages and the concern to create perfect lines and geometries result in intricate frames that along with elements evocative of time, almost become nostalgic. However, the timelessness of materials and the reworking of some pieces seem to keep it current. The frames, sharply cropped, only present the audience with portions, yet suggesting there is more to the story.

Rectangular compositions of glass, metal and felt are occasionally accompanied by a drawing, a video, or even photographs of the object itself. Mainly conceptual in nature and referencing themselves, the artist sometimes uses locations as title giving hints of a possible narrative, although this does not seem to be the intention of the artist.







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