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Ugly Duck, Bermondsey


The exhibition at Ugly Duck was an initiative by the Uncovered Collective as their official launch. The collective is born from the coming together of MFA students at Wimbledon College of Arts. 

The theme of the show revolved around ideas of life after technology for which I submitted a proposal that looked into contemporary planned cities as opposed to the more common spontaneous settlements. 

I used the exhibition as a testing ground for a project in process which was conceived after the CWND artists residency at Canary Wharf. The appearance of the exhibition site was already relatable to my work and I wanted to test what the work would look like in an environment that was so similar on the surface. The intervention was in two parts: a hanging sculpture from the ceiling and a print on acetate against the wall.


Naturally, the sculpture blended with the background unsuccessfully, demonstrating the de-contextualization of the object would be a better solution. On the other hand, the print produce more interesting results. The gloss acetate with distorted pictures of Canary Wharf allowed for the worn out texture of the wall to come through which opens possibilities to keep testing for future projects in terms of medium and installation.

Postopia Poster.jpg
Inside out.jpg
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