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Beyond the Pale

Group Exhibition

This exhibition was initially conceived by a group of classmates: Ann Tang, Belinda Chan, Bertie Chapman, Magdalena Gluszak, Molly Brocklehurst, Sean Winn, and Whitney Halstead. I was invited to join the project later on.

The exhibition was held at the Loft of the Croydon Arts Store, a space within the Whitgift Shopping Centre. At the moment I joined the group it was necessary to produce all the written material as part of the exhibition. This included press release, information from every artist and a special poster called CAS Thoughts.

The show's theme revolved around the idea of creating a space where we were able to create our own rules, bringing together people from different backgrounds and tackling our individual issues together. This was to set a statement as opposed to the current political tensions world wide.

The Croydon Arts Store is a place born from the desire to have more spaces for the arts within Croydon but located within a place that is meant for redevelopment. We felt CAS and Turf Projects themselves were already part of the message we wanted to communicate and wrote thoughts on the lines of how these types of places went beyond the pale and are important for a town that will go into a regeneration process in the near future.

The use of the space was free of charge but we had to manage everything else including transportation, curation, installation, bar, and marketing.

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