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Creative Enterprise: Pitch-it Award

UAL Graduate Futures Week

The Pitch-it Award was part of a number of events arranged for Graduate Futures Week, a program centered around careers for creatives. This was an opportunity for students to present live an idea for a creative business, offering the best ideas a small grant and mentorship to develop the idea further.

Wrapping together my research from the past years and the direction my practice has taken, I presented a business idea that offers design features for architectural and spatial design projects based on the upcycling of discarded material or waste: Studio Improviso.

After some experience within the architecture field I identified the need architects or other spatial designers have to add special features within their projects, giving way to art commissions. However, they are specially concerned about these being aesthetically integrated, site responsive, but most of all cost effective. Through principles of sustainability all these are possible. As a response, the business offers a scope of services from consulting, conceptual and technical design, and fabrication. It merges the rationality of architecture and the emotionality of art.

Born from my cultural upbringing of taking advantage of resources at hand, on the long term, the idea is meant to become an established design and research studio that revolutionizes the way things are built in terms of material efficiency.

This award is an initial attempt to launch the idea as a start up at the culmination of the postgraduate degree.

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