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Mirage of Modernity

Acrylic paint, chipwood, cardboard, wood
190 x 70 x 5 cm

In a continual interest to depict illusions of cityscapes out discarded construction material, I wanted to push the construction of the painting surface even further. I found boards of chipwood which were probably part of a wardrobe.

With the intention to test a combination of 2D representation and literal 3D construction I wondered how can the painting be a part of the architecture and not just an object that sits over it. A direct reference were the bare structures used for 'Building Stories' exhibition with the illustrations which were the actual showcase lying over them, both as separate objects. Also, At the time I also came across Richard Woods' work and his covering of surfaces with pattern illusions, making them a part of the architecture.


Consequently I thought of building a wall. I recognized there was a relationship of temporality with the chipwood from discarded furniture and partition walls. The resulting partition wall is redundant. It tells the story in two different ways, but pretends to be entirely honest to its construction.

It consists of two sides, one more refined, like the wall of a house with a painting, only this painting makes reference to same subject matter of building with 'poor' materials. The paint tries to cover the original chipwood almost as a disguise but in a way that some texture can subtly still be seen. The other side which holds the true honesty, shows its origin as furniture and talks about practical solutions behind the building process.

Exhibition: 'Building Stories'


Mirage 02.jpg
DIY Richard woods.jpg

Richard Woods, 'DIY'


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